Computer Awareness Quiz for IBPS, SBI, RBI and Other Exams



Q.1 Who invented World Wide Web?

(A) Tim – Berners Lee

(B) Vint Cerf

(C) John Hash

(D) Michelle Rayborn

(E) None of these


Q.2 What is the full form of VGA?

(A) Visual Graphics Array

(B) Volatile Graphics array

(C) Video Graphics Adapter

(D) Video Graphics Array

(E) None of these


Q.3 In which year Microsoft Office was launched?

(A) 1987

(B) 1989

(C) 1985

(D) 1999

(E) 2007


Q.4 First mouse was proveided by?

(A) Alexendr flogus

(B) John redrucks

(C) Douglas engelbart

(D) Doulgas flogus

(E) None of these


Q.5 The properly arranged data is called _________.

(A) Field

(B) Words

(C) Information

(D) Metadata

(E) Memory


Answer 1. (A) Tim – Berners Lee

Answer 2. (D) Video Graphics Array

Answer 3. (B) 1989

Answer 4. (C) Douglas engelbart

Answer 5. (C) Information


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