Linear Sitting Arrangement for IBPS Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO


Direction (Q.1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below:

Eight friends Meeta, Himani, Esha, Sheena, Pinki, Anjali, Neha and Geeta are sitting in a straight line facing north but not necessary in the sare order. Each of them likes different company’s mobile LG, Nokia, Lava, Samsung, Micromax, Xiomi, Oneplus and Lenovo but not necessary in the same order.

  1. The one who likes Lenovo’s mobile is sitting third to the right of the one who likes Micromax’s mobile.
  2. Either Meeta or Geeta likes Lava’s mobile.
  3. Neha likes Xiomi’s mobile and is sitting immediately right to Sheena.
  4. Meeta is sitting fourth to the left of Himani.
  5. The one who likes Samsung’s mobile is sitting fifth from the left end.
  6. One person is sitting between the one who likes Lenovo’s mobile and Pinki.
  7. Anjali is sitting fifth to the left of Geeta.
  8. Pinki neither likes Samsung’s mobile nor is the immediate neighbor of the one who likes Samsung’s mobile.
  9. Geeta likes neither Lenovo’s mobile nor Micromax’s mobile.
  10. The one who likes LG’s mobile is sitting immediate right the one who likes Oneplus.
  11. Three persons are sitting between Esha and the one who likes Nokia’s mobile.

Q.1 Who among the following does like Lava’s mobile?

(A) Meeta

(B) Geeta

(C) Pinki

(D) Esha

(E) None of these

Q.2 Four of the following five are alike according to the seating arrangement. Which of the following does not belong to that group?

(A) Neha – Samsung

(B) Geeta – LG

(C) Meeta – Nokia

(D) Anjali – Xiomi

(E) Esha – Oneplus

Q.3 Which of the following company’s mobile does Geeta like?

(A) Lava

(B) Oneplus

(C) Nokia

(D) Micromax

(E) Lenovo

Q.4 According to the given information which of the following pair is correct?

(A) Sheena – Lenovo

(B) Himani – Oneplus

(C) Esha – Xiomi

(D) Pinki – Micromax

(E) None of these

Q.5 How many persons are sitting between Esha and Meeta?

(A) 1

(B) 5

(C) 3

(D) 4

(E) None of these

Answer 1: (A)

Answer 2: (D)

Answer 3: (B)

Answer 4: (E)

Answer 5: (D)



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