Source of Indian Constitution for SSC CHSL 10+2 and UP Police Constable


The Indian Constitution is borrowed from almost all the major countries of the world but has its own unique features too. Major sources are:


1. The government of India Act of 1935 – Federal Scheme, Office of Governor, Judiciary, Public Service Commission, Emergency provisions and administrative details.


2. British Constitution – Parliamentary System, Rule of law, Legislative Procedure, Single Citizenship, Cabinet System, Prerogative Writs, Parliamentary Privileges, and Bicameralism.


3. US Constitution – Fundamental rights, independence of the judiciary, judicial review, impeachment of the president, removal of Supreme court and high court judges and post of vice president.


4. Irish Constitution – Directive Principles of State Policy, the nomination of members of Rajya Sabha and method of election of the president


5. Canadian Constitution – Federation with a strong centre, vesting of residuary power in the centre, the appointment of state Governor by the centre and advisory jurisdiction of Supreme Court.


6. Australian Constitution – Concurrent list, the joint sitting of two houses of Parliament.


7. Constitution of Germany – Suspension of fundamental rights during the emergency.


8. French Constitution – Republic, and ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity in the Preamble.


9. South African Constitution – Procedure for amendment of the constitution and election of members of Rajya Sabha.


10.  Japanese Constitution – Procedure established by Law.


11. Constitution of former USSR – Procedure of five-year plan, fundamental duties, ideals of justice in Preamble.


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