Coded High level Blood Relation Question for SBI Clerk and Canara Bank PO 2018


Direction (Q.1-5): Study the following data carefully and answer the question given below:


M + N means M is the brother of N

M – N means M is the father of N

M × N means M is daughter of N

M ÷ N means M is the son of N

M * N means M is the mother of N


Q.1 If P * R + S * Q, which of the following will be definitely true?

(A) Q is the son of S.

(B) P is the mother of S.

(C) R is the brother of Q.

(D) Q is the daughter of R.

(E) All are false.


Q.2 If D is the mother of A then what should come at the place of (?) in the following expression?

Z + A × B ? C ÷ D

(A) +

(B) ÷

(C) –

(D) ×

(E) None of these


Q.3 If M ÷ N + O – P, R × Q * M, how is N related to R?

(A) Uncle

(B) Brother

(C) Mother

(D) Father

(E) C. N. D.


Q.4 If M ÷ N + O – P, R × Q * M, how many male members are there in the family?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) C. N. D.

(E) None of these


Q.5 Which of the following expression is true if Y is the daughter of V is definitely false?

(A) V * W × X – Y * Z

(B) V + W × X * Y ÷ Z

(C) V – W × X * Y * Z

(D) Both (A) and (C)

(E) None of these


Answer 1. (B) P is the mother of S.


Answer 2. (C) –



Answer 3. (D) Father


Answer 4. (D) C. N. D.


Answer 5. (B) V + W × X * Y ÷ Z



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