GK/GA Questions Asked in Canara Bank PO 2018 (04 March 2018)


Q.1 Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket stadium is located at – Hyderabad, Telangana

Q.2 “S” in SWIFT – Society

Q.3 “L” in NCLT – Law

Q.4 OMBUDSMAN maximum compensation – 20 Lkh

Q.5 Lender to last resort is called as – Country’s central bank (RBI

Q.6 D in MDR – Rate

Q.7 Naseem Al Bahr military exercise – Indian and Oman

Q.8 Feb 13 – World Radio Day

Q.9 Blind cricket cup 2017 won by – India

Q.10 Youth film festival 2017 at – USA

Q.11 Payment Bank cannot give – Credit cards

Q.12 Application pay based on QR code –

Q.13 Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) started in which year- 2011-12

Q.14 Catholic Syrian bank headquarter – Kerala

Q.15 Gangtok is the capital of – Sikkim

Q.16 Operation Blue flag related to – Air War Exercise

Q.17 Agra situated on banks of which river – Yamuna

Q.18 Paytm Payments bank has tied up with which bank – IndusInd Bank

Q.19 Ganger wildlife sanctuary – Chandigarh

Q.20 25th December celebrated as good governance day in the birthday of – Atal Bihari Bajpai

Q.21 session of Indian History Congres held at – Malda, West Bengal

Q.22 Prague is the capital of – Czech Republic

Q.23 Who is president of Liberia- George Weah

Q.24 Hameesha Vijay took place at – Rajasthan

Q.25 First bank to cross m-cap of 5 Trillion – HDFC

Q.26 Largest source of FDI in India- Mauritius

Q.27 Largest receiver of loans from AIIB – India

Q.28 Premium under PMJJBY- 330 rs per annum

Q.29 Anchal Thakur related to which sport – Skiing

Q.30 Age for Senior citizens for banking services at home- 70 years

Q.31 Who authored IMPERFECT autobiography- Sanjay Manjrekar

Q.32 Chandi Lahiri was eminent – Cartoonist

Q.33 Central Institute of Road Transport – Pune

Q.34 Gajner national park- Rajasthan

Q.35 Oil refinery- Barmer in Rajasthan

Q.36 Universal banks after starting its operations can invest in shares within in 6years

Q.37 11 digit code – IFSC

Q.38 CRR, C stands for – Cash

Q.39 Which is a BIMSTEC member country – Myanmar

Q.40 In which state Somasila Dam located- Andhra Pradesh


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