General Knowledge Questions in English for Railway Group


Q.1 Vidyasagar Setu is built on the which river?

(A) Hoogly

(B) Brahmaputra

(C) Ganga

(D) Yamuna


Q.2 Blood pressure is measured with:

(A) Thermometer

(B) Barometer

(C) Sphygmomanometer

(D) Lactometer


Q.3 What is the Full form of IOC?

(A) Indian Oil Company

(B) Indian Oil Corporation

(C) India Oil Company

(D) India Oil Corporation


Q.4 Which of the following is a parasitic plant?

(A) Marchantia

(B) Kelp

(C) Mushroom

(D) Pteris


Q.5 Which National Highway connects Delhi and Kolkata?

(A) NH-2

(B) NH-4

(C) NH-6

(D) NH-10


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Answer 1. (A) Hoogly

Answer 2. (C) Sphygmomanometer

Answer 3. (B) Indian Oil Corporation

Answer 4. (C) Mushroom

Answer 5. (A) NH-2


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