Coding Decoding Questions for SSC CHSL, SBI Clerk, Railway Group D and Railway ALP Stage-1 Set 4


Direction: Study the information given below and answer the questions based on it given below:

In a certain code language,

‘Help This Student Here’ is written as ‘Dic, Mic, Pic, Tic’

‘You Come Here’ is written as ‘Tic, Kic, Nic’

‘This Student May Come’ is written as ‘Wic, Mic, Nic, Dic’

‘Student May Naughty’ is written as ‘Lic, Wic, Dic’


Q.1 What is the code of ‘This’ in this code language?

(A) Dic

(B) Nic

(C) Mic

(D) Either (A) or (C)

(E) None of these


Q.2 What is the code for ‘You are Naughty’?

(A) Kic, Xic, Tic

(B) Dic, Xic, Nic

(C) Lic, Zic, Mic

(D) Kic, Zic, Lic

(E) None of these


Q.3 The code ‘Nic’ denotes which of the following word?

(A) This

(B) Come

(C) May

(D) Naughty

(E) Student


Q.4 What will be the code for ‘Have’?

(A) Tic

(B) Fic

(C) Bic

(D) Either (B) or (C)

(E) None of these


Q.5 What is the code for ‘Student May Help’?

(A) Dic, Pic

(B) Mic, Lic

(C) Dic, Lic

(D) Pic, Mic

(E) None of these


Answer 1. (C) Mic

Answer 2. (D) Kic, Zic, Lic

ANswer 3. (B) Come

Answer 4. (D) Either (B) or (C)

Answer 5. (A) Dic, Pic



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