1000+ One Word Substitution for Bank, SSC and Railway Part-1



English Meaning

Hindi Meaning

Ambidextrous    Equally skillful with each hand निपुण
Alimony  An allowance made to a wife by her husband when they are legally separated निर्वाह – व्यय
Anecdote  A short but amusing story किस्सा, जीवन की झांकी
Anteroom  A large entrance or reception room or area बड़ा कमरा
Anodyne  Medicine which lessens pain पीड़ानाशक
Addicted  One who has become dependent on something or drugs आदि होना
Adamant  Very hard native crystal of carbon हीरा, अटल
Amoral  Lacking any sense of moral standards or principles अनैतिक
Archive  A building where government/public records are kept लेखाकार या ऐतिहासिक अभिलेख
Amphibian Operating or living on land and in water उभयचर



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