Computer awareness Quiz for SBI Clerk, Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank and LIC AAO Set-7



Q.1 What is full form of ALU?

(A) Alternative Logic Unit

(B) Arithmetic Logic Unit

(C) Arithmetic Local Unit

(D) Arithmetic Least Unit

(E) None of these


Q.2 Telnet Stands for?

(A) Telephone Network

(B) Telefax Network

(C) Television Network

(D) Teletype Network

(E) None of these


Q.3 Hard Copy can be obtained from?

(A) Recorder

(B) Scanner

(C) Printer

(D) Speaker

(E) Both (A) and (C)


Q.4 The second most used language on the world wide web is?

(A) French

(B) Hindi

(C) German

(D) English

(E) Chinese


Q.5 Which measure of memory is the largest?

(A) Gigabyte

(B) Megabyte

(C) Kilobyte

(D) Terabyte

(E) Milabyte


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Answer 1. (B) Arithmetic Logic Unit

Answer 2. (A) Telephone Network

Answer 3. (C) Printer

Answer 4. (E) Chinese

Answer 5. (D) Terabyte


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